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Attitude × Effort × Ability


We are dedicated, persistent, and enthusiastic. By hard working, we improve health and wellbeing and benefit both our company and customers, and eventually create a virtuous circle for our society. 

As a bellwether in this industry, it’s our duty to make good products with craftsmanship. The desire and action of surpassing ourselves is our driving force to keep going forward. 

We look forward to cooperating with partners from all over the world to promote hydrogen products together.

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CHYBiotech Co., Ltd.

About us

Industry Category丨Biotechnology R&D Industry

Established time丨2017

Capital 丨NTD 33,000,000 (about 150 million yen)

CHYBIOTECH is a Taiwan-based, hydrogen molecular R&D and manufacturing company that was established in 2017. Over these years, we become the leading company in the industry on the grounds of our state-of-art technology and great system integration experience. 

The benefits of molecular hydrogen on human health are well known in East Asia, led by Japan. Our technical team focuses on molecular hydrogen products related to healthy aging and health and beauty, and our products are distributed worldwide.

We believe that hydrogen molecular is the most ideal and extremely safe antioxidant found so far. The so-called “The supreme healer cures the illness that is still obscure, and prevents them from happening". Our greatest wish is to widely use hydrogen molecular, a gift from God to mankind, in health care, and to make a contribution to preventive medicine!



CHYBIOTECH was established in Zhonghe District of New Taipei City.


Hydrogen Elf and Hydrogen Hercules were launched.


Obtained the Utility Model Patent of Taiwan (Patent number: M547760 )


  • The former SfRBM Fellow Professor Tsan-Zon Liu, (Ph.D. FACB) joined CHYBIOTECH as Chief Consultant. 

  • Copublished “A briefing on Hydrogen Molecular - The Principle and Application of Disease Prevention“ with Professor Liu. This book is the first most in-depth and thorough academic research work on hydrogen molecular in Taiwan.


Cooperated with Ultra Trace Industrial Safety Hygiene of SGS Taiwan, and obtained the certification on hydrogen gas purity of 99.995%. 
Obtained the Utility Model Patent of China (Patent number: 6946399 )

Obtained the Invention Patent of Taiwan (Patent number: D189983 )

Developed the first ODM product with Japanese company.

Obtained two Utility Model Patents of Taiwan (Patent number: M564038 and M564039 )


The Chinese subsidiary "Shenzhen Gehan Biotechnology Co., Ltd." was established in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, as our base for developing the Chinese market. 
Hydrogen Hercules obtained EMI certification (ETC No. : 19-05-MAS-056) and passed ETC test. (Report No.: 19-05-VAB-136) 

Developed the "Hydrogen Dominator ", which is the first hydrogen generator product with the largest volume of hydrogen production.


Launched the hydrogen water product “Hi Drink”, which is the first hydrogen water dispenser which supplies both room temperature and hot H2 rich water in the world. 

“Hi Drink “passed the “Test for Foodstuffs, Implements, Containers, and Packaging”(Report Number TWNC00865275S101)- As per notification No. 370, 1959 of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and its amendments under the Japan Food Sanitation Law (Law No. 233, 1947)


In cooperation with Dr. Wang Fuxu, chairman of the Taiwan HRV Association, we provide free service of hydrogen gas breathing and physical and mental testing to the public.


Cooperated with the Taiwan Developmentally Appropriate Practice College and the Taiwan HRV Association for the "Hydrogen Accompanying, Happy Learning" charity project.

The project is to help children with hyperactivity disorder and inattentiveness to benefit from professional hydrogen breathing courses and HRV tracking.

Herman Su

The sales team led by Herman is enthusiastic and cautiously optimistic. The members are proficient in English and Japanese, and all have experience studying abroad.

Since the company was established, the company's products have been exported all over the world. We have sole distributors in Germany and Japan, and we also have rich ODM experience with many customers in Japan.

In addition, the business team also blogs in Taiwan to share the latest development and research of hydrogen molecular medicine, and holds different activities regularly to allow more people to know about hydrogen molecular medicine.

We believe that the core essence of business is to create a sense of trust between the company and its customers with considerate service and thorough communication.

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Anna Yeh

As the Head Designer, Anna has rich experience in visual, video, and product design. She is good at communication and can quickly and accurately grasp the needs of customers for design, and provide solutions to customers in the shortest possible time.

Anna is a big fan of wabi-sabi style. When designing products, she will pursue the essence of products, and create pleasing and favorable products with the purest beauty of tranquility.


Joel Chiu

Joel, the R&D director of Hydrogen, has the most comprehensive experience with   hydrogen product design and development experience in Taiwan. Since 2014, he has led more than ten hydrogen-related product development projects.

Joel has the loudest voice in the company and always makes people feel his enthusiasm with his ultimate optimistic character. He is an extreme activist who always walks the walk and never giving up until the goal is achieved.

Jacko Lin

Before joining Hydrogen, Jacko has more than 25 years of management experience in product quality management, material control, and product manufacturing in a listed company of Taiwan.

Jacko is conscientious, active, and diligent with his job. Driven by craftsmanship, the team he led always strives to achieve something better and shares a strong will and passion to perfection.

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Corporate Sustainability

Produce better products and be a better Earth citizen

SDGs are the guidelines for the sustainable development of enterprises. While managing the company with a good system and intention, CHYBiotech also fulfills its obligations to environmental protection and social responsibility. 


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Contact Us

Contact Us

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